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Terrazzo Fillers

Epoxy Terrazzo Filler extends your coverage area and helps bind epoxy and aggregates together. Our fillers are NOT for use in Cement Terrazzo. Our Fillers allow for ease of finishing and troweling. We offer several sizes and we can offer recommendations if you are unsure. We offer the following Epoxy Terrazzo Fillers:

  • TFC2, our Coarse Filler, can be used in any color, however we recommend only using it in a lighter colored epoxy matrix. Use in darker epoxy may result in filler overwhelming your dark color, pulling away from your intended result of a deeper, darker tone.  We recommend our particulate sized 4200 Filler for darker color epoxy.
  • Our 4200 Filler is recommended for a darker epoxy matrix. It is a superior grouting filler, specifically designed for the Epoxy Terrazzo Grouting Procedure.
  • TFF has a powder like consistency and is recommended only as a filler, never for grouting. 

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