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Terrco Grinders and Polishers


Terrco® Grinders and Polishers are the proven choice of Terrazzo and Concrete Contractors everywhere. They have been an industry favorite for over 75 years, providing durability and quality in every machine built. Our Grinders and Polishers are job specific: Model 200 was created specifically for jobs under 5,000 square feet, while our Model 6200 can knock out jobs exceeding 20,000 square feet. Whatever the size job, Terrco® has the right equipment for you. Create beautiful floors while saving time and money. Our machines guarantee less hours grinding, more surface area covered and pleased customers. We have a 100% money back guarantee and stand behind every machine we sell. 
Quit Fighting the Machine- Our system of opposite rotating heads allows for ease and maneuverability

Speed Shift System™ is the most advanced design for connecting all B.E.D. and PCD attachments to Terrco® Machines. It has revolutionized the way diamond grinding discs are affixed to the machine plates. Speed Shift Discs are easy to change, as they slide in and centrifugal force keeps them from coming off. Our plates and discs are the fastest way to change grit size and remove tools. Faster than any other system available! No tedious bolts or screws to contend with. The Speed Shift System™ is available with all RDTI™ Diamonds, B.E.D., Polishing Pads, Epoxy Cutters, Trowel Busters and PCDs.

Equipment is an expensive investment, KCI can ensure you that we will back every product we sell. Competitors can offer Terrco equipment, same models, same performance...but will they answer the phone after the sell? In addition to a 100% money back gaurantee, we follow up with customers, offering troubleshooting and full consultations on diamonds, parts, and accessories. 


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